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We’re All Getting An EXTRA Second Tonight – Here’s Why

Earth’s time lords have decided to add a leap second to time to reflect the general slowing of the Earth’s rotation around the sun. There have been concerns that the step could affect computer systems across the world, but experts say the move is necessary because our time would eventually go out of sync with solar time. In other words, the clock might say it is the middle of the day but it would be night time. And while it would take…

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Sent An Email By Mistake? CANCEL It In Gmail. Here’s How

New ‘undo send’ button will allow Gmail users to cancel a sent email – if they instantly regret it! This newly added feature by Google is easy to set up. Just click on the settings button in your Gmail account (the wheel icon towards the top of the right hand side) and then select general in the drop-down menu. Make sure you’re in the general settings tab. The Undo Send button is the tenth option down and you can set the cancellation period for 5,…

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9 Music Festival And Summer Event Essentials!

As music festivals and other summer events get into full swing, here’s a list of essential items that you need to take with you. A low-cost smartphone Why run the risk of losing your iPhone or other expensive smart phone in a field in Hampshire or some other festival location, when you can get a smartphone for incredible value from The excess on any mobile phone insurance you might have could be higher than the price of a Tecmobile Opal 2 Dual…

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How The World’s First ‘Laptop’ Was Used In Space And Created By A Brit

The Grid Compass introduced the clamshell design where the screen closes flat onto the keyboard – and is credited as the first laptop computer. Going into space The 1101 was created by British-born designer Bill Moggridge in 1979 and went on sale in 1982 and ended up being used on Nasa’s space shuttle missions from 1985 into the 1990s – thanks to its rugged and portable design. It weighed in at around 10lbs – light for the time. The computer’s case was made from…

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Did You Know This About the Moon Landings?

The guidance computer in the Apollo mission to the moon had around 64KB of memory – 8,000,000 times LESS than the highest capacity SD memory cards. The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was more basic than the electronics in modern toasters, according to a Computer Weekly report, but played a critical role in getting humans to the moon back in the 1960s. So, it’s incredible to think that tiny SD or microSD memory card neatly tucked away in your mobile phone,…

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You Can Now Drive A Car With Your Phone

Video: Land Rover unveils remote control that allows you to drive a Range Rover Sport from outside the car using a smartphone app! The driver can steer, accelerate and brake using the app – as you can see from the YouTube video above posted by the automotive company. The car maker says this means the driver can walk alongside the car to check the precise positioning of the vehicle to negotiate their way out of tricky situations or difficult terrains safely or even…

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Photographer Road Tests 7dayshop Tripod Across Europe – Here Are The Results

Sophia Groves is a fashion, commercial and landscape photographer based in London. Here’s what she found when she took the 7dayshop Travel Pro-Tripod with her during a recent trip to Europe. She is also a freelance photo retoucher and ecommerce/music stylist, photo editor and half of the lifestyle blog Brunette Swirls. On tour – a photographic opportunity Over the past few weeks I have been on tour across the UK with the wonderful Arcane Roots, and last week I joined them for…

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7 Father’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here’s a list of 7 awesome gifts that won’t break the bank – and that your Dad will love. Watch With Smart Functions Heard the buzz about smart wearables, but not sure about spending a fortune? Well, how about a Hannspree sport watch with smart functions? It comes in at under £30 and features a circular OLED display showing the time, data and battery. There’s also fitness tracking,  plus call and message notifications from…

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Black And White Photography: 11 Tips And Stunning Pictures

My name’s Dan Biggins, and I’m a freelance web developer, a part-time wedding photographer and a keen black and white photographer. I bought my first camera eight years ago and have been hopelessly addicted to photography ever since. Please click on the images in the photo gallery above to see them full-size, you won’t be disappointed. And here are my 11 tips for black and white photography. 1) Shoot in RAW Photographing in RAW format will ultimately give you so much…

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Is this an example of the world's highest capacity microSD memory card (photo via: Microdia/Instgram)

Is This The World’s Highest Capacity MicroSD Memory Card – 512GB?

News reaches us of a 512GB microSD memory card reportedly going on sale in July. Memory card maker Microdia is set to begin shipping the card within months at a cost of around $1,000 (£655), reports technology news site CNET. The Xtra Elite card will reportedly use version 4.0 of the SD standard, meaning there’s an additional row of pins to the ones found on standard cards, and feature data transfer rates of up to 300MBps – although the CNET report did…

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